10 Ways to Beautify the Space Above Your Kitchen

Some areas in the house you just need attention to maximize the space you have. For example, the space under the stairs may have been ignored for years but you can really turn it into an additional storage area, just like the collection of our inspiration in this post. But what about the space above your kitchen?

This will be a little awkward thinking about decorating the space above the kitchen. You feel like something should go in there but you just can’t figure out what it is to finish a whole. What you need is some inspiration and ideas to make you aware of the infinite possibilities for beautifying the space. The most popular elements to be included in that space is a set of the closet, but here is another idea you need to check out.

#1. Space for your collection

Love to collect vintage finds, enough plates, vases … and the cow statue? The space above the kitchen is the perfect place to store and display the collections you have been hiding in the attic. Make sure they are larger in size so they can be seen, and at the same time, attract attention.

#2. Storage nooks

The space above your kitchen also serve as extra storage space. If your form is right, you can use the space to put a beautiful basket, which you can use to store items from here.

#3. Display vintage finds

It seems that the kitchen is just the perfect place for displaying any vintage finds. If you can’t put it on the shelves in the empty space, you can choose to hang it. Don’t know where to place the treasure from the flea markets like the vintage cooking, framed pictures, or even macrame decoration? The empty space above your kitchen is the answer.

#4. Go artificial

Put a touch of green in your kitchen make the room come alive. However, you don’t always have to go for the real thing. Most fake plants are sold these days can be mistaken for real people. Put them in the same pot and place them in that space and you will have a beautiful kitchen.

#5. Garden Indoor

If you do not like the artificial plants, there’s always the option to go to real plants and so you will have beautiful indoor garden in your kitchen. What’s cool is that if you put that herb garden for your cooking needs.

#6. Breakables

Another way to spruce up the space above the kitchen is to put your beautiful burst collection high so you don’t have to worry about them being toppled accidentally and broken into pieces.

#7. The kitchen with an art gallery

Because why not? Display those masterpieces in your kitchen!

#8. Go for the large letters and signs

Do you have a flea market find such as the great wall of art and letters that you don’t know where to put?

#9. Storage space for other kitchen items

If the kitchen is your favorite room in your home, you will find that with all that you cook will not have enough space. This is where the place on top of your kitchen to be useful.

#10. Brick wall/paint or wall

Have a little space above the kitchen? Cover with bricks – if not, go to the brick wall to reach the industry impact! Very clever.

The trick of this appeal to you?


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