12 Tips to Beautify a Small Bathroom

Make it all fit in the super small bathroom can be a real challenge. You want to have an elegant-looking bathroom, but you just don’t have enough space. Don’t give up yet. With enough creativity and ensure you use the small space available, you can easily beautify the small bathroom.

While the challenges have a small bathroom, a lot of people who have made it work. If you’re the one who can not afford to remodel your bathroom into a larger space or you just feel the need to spruce up, just use this tips to beautify a small bathroom.

#1. Go to the corner of the sink

You don’t have to feel cramped in your bathroom. A small space can benefit from a corner sink facing the toilet instead of the shower. In this way, you are free to open and close the bathroom door.

#2. Ditch the bathroom door

This small bathroom still look great, even if it is small. Instead of using the door to the bathroom, opt for glass panels.

#3. Floating vanity

Floating vanity makes your bathroom look not only stylish but also wider.

#4. Round the wrong thing

A round wasted in the space of the square? It could work! Plus, no more dealing with accidentally bumping your hip on the corner.

#5. The street pattern

Sometimes, all you need is an illusion to trick the mind into seeing something bigger than usually. This use of a bathroom a wide-stripe pattern on the wall, which created the illusion that large space.

#6. Mirror, mirror on the wall

Even the smallest bathroom can still look spacious – it just takes a long mirror, stretching on the wall.

#7. Install the medicine cabinet above the toilet

If not, put your cabinets on top of the toilet to get more space. Put it on the sink take your personal space (and will not let you put a large mirror on the wall) compared to after the cabinet above the toilet.

#9. Mount towel bar

Sure you need to a small closet for all your towels but have a towel bar installed on the door helps to maximize the space. And it keeps the towel you need within your reach.

10. The trough sink does the trick

It’s narrow, and it is stylish – and it offers only a space-saving solution you need. Free up some floor space when you have this type of sink.

#12. There is the faucet mounted on the wall

When you mount the faucet on the wall, it allows you to choose a narrow vanity or sink, save more space as a result.

#12. Use the shower curtain.

Instead of glass doors that open inside and outside, why not use the shower curtain to beautify the small bathroom is not it? You can easily slide this to the privacy. They are the best when you have a shower bath combo – extra points to maximize the space.


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