17 Charming Garden Gate Ideas For A Gorgeous Backyard

The park gates do more than just protect your garden. There are different garden interesting door ideas to choose from, letting you have a beautiful door that gives a warm welcome to your visitors. Imagine having one that does not fully reveal what is behind this. It will create a mystery for anyone who visits and when they went in, they will be glad to see you at the back of the house.

Garden gates can either be closed or open. It depends on your choice. Taking into account the overall theme of your home, you can choose different materials for your door. There is a wrought iron gate entrance of the park idea, or if you want a more classic, rustic appeal of a wooden door. See the picture below for some tips and inspiration on garden gates.

#1. DIY garden gate idea using the door

The old door can be the perfect door for your garden. The creative, stylish and clever. Just take an old door, remove the glass and you will have a beautiful garden door.

#2. Rustic garden door.

Check flea markets and junkyard for materials to make your own, fairy-tale-esque cottage door.

#3. Decorative wrought iron door

Want a more unique style? Go for a finely-crafted garden gate like this spiderweb door. You can find decorative door designs in the market and they are many.

#4. Wooden door in stone wall

Want more privacy for your garden? The park entrance allows you to have a private retreat in your backyard. Let small window just to give passers-by see what’s inside without your privacy has been invaded.

#5. The classic white picket

This classic picket style garden gate is the most friendly door garden design. Give your garden a classic appeal you’ve always wanted.

#6. Salvage the old doors

This is another idea how to have a stylish DIY door entrance of the park. You might find the old screened door, which can work very as the able entrance of the park.

#7. Wood decorated with flowers

Another Idea to add appeal to your entrance garden features a wooden door decorated with flowers.

#8. Moongate

Wouldn’t you agree that this offers a fairy-tale, dream-like look into your backyard?

#9. Woven wood door

It will probably be time-consuming to build a woven wattle fence and arch, but it’s worth when you can have this charming appeal.

#10. Antique wood head

You can find some at a flea market and when cut perfectly for accurate measurements, you will have this beautiful rustic garden door.

See more pictures below for inspiration.

Green garden door idea


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