20 Brown Leather Chairs In Living Rooms

The furniture in the house we made from various materials. It can be wood, plastic, steel, etc. There are also leather furniture that brings sophistication to the space where you enter it. The skin is the same material used for the couch, sofa, ottoman, chair etc. But because of the material, it is more expensive. Even though most of them will use synthetic leather instead of genuine one, it still looks nice. This happened because the original comes with a very high price tag. Today, we are going to show you some living room that has brown leather chairs.

Well, when you hear the term “skin,” the color that is immediately associated with it is either black or brown. But there are also leather seats that come in a variety of colors like red and yellow can be a bold addition to your home. But today, we will show you a list of the brown leather chairs in the living room. With this, you will get the idea of how to fix your leather seats will depend on the design and dimensions of your chair as well as the form and measurements of the space. So, if you are looking for a way how to add to your leather chair in the living room, a well-designed space under the will no doubt be a good source of inspiration.

1. Royal Oak – Great Room

Royal Oak - Great Room

Caroline Harrison Designs

Comfortable and cozy living room that has brown leather chair as well as shag carpet, and a large gray sectional. What added to the warm feel of the space is a stone fireplace surround.

2. Houston Road House

Houston Road House

Ellsworth-Hallett Home Professionals

This living room uses marble fireplace that brings more elegance to the space. You can see here the American Leather chairs that look nice with vintage beef.

3. Braun + Adams Interior Filbert St Home

Braun + Adams Interior Filbert St Home

Vivian Johnson Photography

At first glance, the colorful throw pillows caught my attention. It is a good idea to bring light pastel colors that bring the spirit into the area with brown leather chairs.

4. Warringah


Amanda Ayres Interiors

Black and white throw pillows used in this space. But what makes this beautiful is the use of a variety of patterns on the pillows. Also see here is a pair of large brown chair that compliments with the fireplace surround.

5. Forest Hills Residence

Forest Hills Residence

Robert Kaner Interior Design

A long and narrow living room plus two brown leather chairs but it does not have a square sense because the window in the back of the chair.

6. Great show home

Great show home

Warline Painting Ltd.

The chairs in the living room looks classic but the area has a contemporary style. Despite the classic appeal, it fits well in the space.

7. Traditional Family Room

Traditional Family Room

Garrison Hullinger

Update a traditional living room where everything that falls on the shaggy area rug, bring texture to the space.

8. Contemporary Living Room

Contemporary Living Room


What I like here is the unique design of the furniture from the corner of the table to the curved leather seats.

9. Weston Renovations

Weston Renovations

Sunshine and Storm

I’m sure you’ve seen this living room before here on Home Design Lover but we can’t exclude this because of how beautiful it is. What really makes this amazing is the colors from the painting to the chair.

10. Sweetwater Residence

Sweetwater Residential

Threshold goods & Design, LLC

I know your attention was drawn to the ottoman pushed in under the table but look how brown the chair added more life to the area to prevent it from looking too boring.

11. Pleasantville Addition To

Pleasantville Addition To

Gerety Building and Restoration

If you think chocolate don’t go well with the color red, then this space will make you think twice. A flood of natural light to the interior also added to the comfortable feel of the house.

12. Contemporary-Modern House Magnolia

Contemporary-Modern House Magnolia

Seattle Staged to Sell and design LLC

Isn’t this beautiful? This sure is! Brown chair compliments with wooden center table and the white color also bring more sophistication to the living room. I also like the simple decoration of the walls located in the dining room.

13. St. Helena Residence

St. Helena Residence

Jennifer Robin Interiors

This living room combines blue, brown and black. And surprisingly, they all work well together, especially the most of the space painted white.

14. Normandy House

Normandy House

A+B KASHA designs

Two antique Le Corbusier leather chairs and a 1930s leather and metal club chair create a casual seating arrangements in the living room this used to be a garden is a place to stay.

15. Lafayette Residential

Lafayette Residential

Kathleen Burke Design

Apart from the chair, there is also a brown leather ottoman that is being added to the living room. And the green love seat is also seen here as well.

16. 162 White Pine

162 White Pine

Jaffa Group Design Build

At one glance, you will immediately know that this is a luxury home. Apart from the curved sofas and accent furniture in the area, you are also able to see a pair of brown leather chairs.

17. Greater Seattle | The Parthenon The Living Room

Greater Seattle | The Parthenon The Living Room

JayMarc Homes

Bring the war to a gray living room and sure, it will never fail to add more beauty to it.

18. 1929 Farmhouse Renovation

1929 Farmhouse Renovation

Rafe Churchill: Traditional Houses

To home farm house, brown chair a must have! It seems to complete the farmhouse feel in this living room.

19. Silver Strike Lodge

Silver Strike Lodge

Marsh and Tweed

Immediately light the red ottoman as the center of the table and surround it with a brownish chair – if you do this, you will never go wrong! And look at those beautiful lights!

20. Springhill Residence

Springhill Residence

P Architects

This space has a rustic appeal and brown leather chairs that are perfect for this as the space. It does not look dark even so much chocolate in the area.

So, what can you say? Leather seats indeed come in a variety of patterns and styles. Apart from that, even the slightest hint of brown color is also different from one chair to another. But a variety of chair designs that really help us to see where that will look great in our space. It also gives us an idea of how the arrangement can be done. You can see that what space is, what is the traditional or the modern, brown leather chairs look nice in it. Of course, the seat design contributes a lot to the appeal of the area. Any living space above that you like?


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