20 Creative DIY Tin Can Ideas for the Home

There are so many things we can make using the items that matter belongs to the garbage but because of man’s creativity and innovation, these items are back, up cycled and recycled to use it again instead of adding them to a pile of garbage. That is why, a lot of items that can be made into other useful things like creating storage from cans and jars or re-use the broken equipment to the home decor. We have displayed a list like this and today, we will give you another list of DIY ideas that will help you free your home from clutter and trash.

If you have a lot of tin cans in the house that we really expect because most of us use food stored in the cans, do not throw the cans away. One reason why you will not remove it is that it will not decompose. Or if it will, it will be time consuming many years. So why not use this in a new way, isn’t it? Today, we will give you 20 ideas on what you can do with your tin cans. Look at the list we have below.

diy tin cans

1. Tin Canisters

Tin Canisters


This is so cute! And this is one of the things in the list that I would like to try. That’s a clever way to store items using tin cans.

2. 3 Tiered Tin Can Vase

3 Tiered Tin Can Vase


Interesting way to display small flowers of wild is to connect the three cans in this way. Looking great, right?

3. Cutlery Tin

The cutlery with the handles are made with tin, wood and leather

Madamec Criativa

Arrange you use the cutlery tin. Well, just by looking at this one will give you the idea of how this is done.

4. DIY Wine Bottle Rack Made From Coffee Cans

DIY Wine Bottle Rack Made From Coffee Cans


This is a great way to store wine. You don’t have to spend a lot. All you have to do it stick their cans together and paint them to get the wine storage like this.

5. DIY Copper Tin can Planters and Write Tag

DIY Copper Tin can Planters and Write Tag

Homey Oh My

Painting your tin cans with a copper or other colors would be good but it will look a lot more beautiful if you add write tag on it.

6. Bathroom Organizing Ideas Tin Cans

Bathroom Organizing Ideas Tin Cans

DIY Fans

Isn’t this sweet bathroom? This sure is! Who doesn’t love the flower details on the cans? They all looked beautiful and it added appeal to the bathroom. This is definitely worth a try!

7. Yarn-Holding Coffee Can Cubbies

My yarn-holding coffee can Yarn-Holding Coffee Can Cubbies


There are threads scattered in places? Why don’t you try this idea by putting together a coffee tin to create a wall of cubbies? That would be very nice to keep this thread since you will not have a hard time in looking for them.

8. Upcycling Tin Cans With A Mind Paper

Upcycling Tin Cans With A Mind Paper

Happy Happy Nester

This one is really cute! I love how the covers are added and of course, mind the paper used here is definitely wonderful.

9. Upcycled Tin Can Containers

Upcycled Tin Can Containers

Buttons Galore and More

If you want to play with the knobs, then you can try this tin can storage decorated with buttons. It looks really cute!

10. Tin Crafting

Tin Crafting

The Bird House Media

This is one of my favorites because admit, it does look really cute! I love the idea that a fork is used as a handle.

11. Caddy Recycled Tin Can

The Walls Of The Container


Need storage space for art materials or ship materials? Make this caddy recycled cans and you will definitely be able to put all your stuff together.

12. The Walls Of The Container

The Walls Of The Container

Magda Wojtyra

Well, it does not have to be blue. Of course, you can try other colors as well. You can also mix the colorful cans together and use it as a wall container for your plants.

13. Fruit Cans Decorative

Fruit Cans Decorative

Creative Jewish Mom

This fruit tin decorative created to celebrate Tu B’Shevat, the Jewish New Year for trees. With that, the creators made simple recycling can be a vase filled with bare branches. You can also see a small apple slice ornaments hanging on it.

14. Wind Chimes

Wind Chimes

Glad Mrs. C,

Did you know that you can really make wind chimes from cans, beads, and silver-equipment? Yes, you can! Just take a look at this beautiful part!

15. Moss-Wrapped Soup Can Organizer

Moss-Wrapped Soup Can Organizer


If you want to succulent growers of the beautiful, then you can try this one. It is that simple. Simply wrap the cans with some moss and you will get a beautiful succulent planter that you can display anywhere in the house!

16. The Soup Can Be Silver Organizer

The Soup Can Be Silver Organizer


This is very funny indeed! I like the combination of the tin cans and string for this silverware organizer. It is also nice that the cans are packed in different patterns. Super cute!

17. Toilet Paper Roll Holder

Toilet Paper Roll Holder

DIY Fans

If you are looking for a great way to keep the tissue paper roll in the bathroom, this one will work well. And you can also choose your design.

18. Cooking Utensil Holder

Cooking Utensil Holder

Capstone Custom Homes

You can also store cooking utensils in this way by attaching the cans on the wood. The intensive, right? And it’s very easy to make.

19. Shelf Cans Crafts

Shelf Cans Crafts

Zingzing Tree

Well, they are cute displays indeed but what a sweet round tin cans that have been turned into shelves. I’ve always wanted to try this!

20. Hard Solder Tin Lamp

Hard Solder Tin Lamp

Eric Harty

Lights from recycled food-grade cans and discarded lamp parts made by Boston Sculptor, Eric Harty. Cans joined with a solder technique. The design of the cutting using acetylene torch which casts stunning light patterns on the wall.

Inspiration? This list definitely is an inspiration and you will definitely make your tin cans instead of throwing them away because you can use them in many ways. You can organize your belongings using them, and you can also save the realm of up cycling tin cans. It will be very rewarding to turn trash into something useful, right? Also, can you tell me which of the items above you would like to try? They don’t look too hard actually and I am sure you will be able to make one.


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