20 Fun and Spooky Halloween Porch Decorating Ideas

There is no better way to give your home the Halloween feel of the welcome guests with anything spooky!

No, you don’t have to let them scream in terror. Just make them feel that it is indeed just a few days before Halloween.

How would you do that?

Well, decorating your page will be a good idea but if you don’t have a lawn or garden, you can really decorate your home balcony!

Yes, you got that right.

Your porch will be the perfect way to welcome guests of a big “boo” with the use of your home decor.

So, if you are looking for a way how to do that, we have collected some awesome porch designs that have no doubt inspired you to start decorating!

Look at:

1. Bat Decoration

Bat Decoration


For a simple porch design, you can try something like this. Just use a simple bat template then cut them out to make a realistic looking bat. Two brooms add enchanting features while the presence of bats could mean Count Dracula is visited. Complete your decor with a variety of pumpkins on your steps or porch in the size and color.

2. Front Porch Frost

Front Porch Frost

Lisa Frost

If you want a colorful porch, you can use this one as inspiration. Apart from the festival banner in the middle, there are other colorful décor around it too like the pumpkin on both sides of the door.

3. A spider and a Bat Invasion

A spider and a Bat Invasion

One Good Thing by Jillee

This one is all about spiders and bats that are very easy to achieve. All you need to do to make it look like they attack the rest of your home. Use black poster board for the bats and black painted Styrofoam balls for the spider. Then spread some of the pumpkin for the orange touch!

4. Ding-Dong


Women’s Day

You’re able to copy this style just by flanking your front door with the apple barrels. Cover the pool noodles with striped socks and add pointy heels to achieve this witch themed porch.

5. Halloween Front Door 2012

Halloween Front Door

Family Chapter

It definitely pulls the door! But do you know that it is really very easy to make? Just use masking tape to form the web. Then put a toy spider in the middle. Be creative with other decor also.

6. Batty The Front Door

Batty The Front Door

Coutnry Life

Easy porch where you will just put together of twigs and felt the bath to make the flowers. Then decorate with a pumpkin.

7. The Day Before Halloween

The Day Before Halloween


This is a large countdown sign on the door but it looks really good with all the people the art of playing is being done on it.

8. Front Porch

Front Porch

Women’s Day

Buy a couple of black kickboard and paint it with stone spray paint. Then comply with some letters on it to spell spooky words. Then be creative in other decorations.

9. Halloween Home Decor Tour

Halloween Home Decor Tour

It all Started with Paint

For this one, it only uses black paper bats around the fall themed burlap wreath. You can even add a few carved pumpkins on the steps too not Jack-o ‘ -lantern pot.

10. 5 steps for a Spooky Halloween Front Porch

5 steps for a Spooky Halloween Front Porch

Design Improvised

I like the idea to add some framed plants on the wall. This could use a real plant but synthetic ones will also work. To look creepy, the crows added on the porch as well as a great frame that appears like taking a break in the area.

11. Decorating Your Outdoor Space for Fall

Decorating Your Outdoor Space for Fall

How to Decorate

Just gather some twigs and the shape of the letters to spell BOO. After mounting it to the wall, add a few pumpkins to finish the look!

12. Frost Porch

Frost Porch

Lisa Frost

Another version of the festival of the porch with a colorful banner. Isn’t that a beautiful witch? Even the ghosts around it looks cute too!

13. Twenty Ways to Decorate Halloween

Twenty Ways to Decorate Halloween

Thistle Wood Farms

This one looks very nice in black, white and orange! The framed letter W looks interesting, but what I like most here is the black lights with the orange paper on the inside.

14. Halloween Porch Decoration

Halloween Porch Decoration

Tatertots and Jello

Apart from the pumpkin and the pumpkin is here, looking at the black and white painted pumpkins stacked on top of each other. Another cute feature is the pillow and the black gold and slam!

15. Enter at Your Own Risk

Enter at Your Own Risk


Two rows of Jack-o-lanterns guide carefully guests toward the door of this house. Football goal nets draped half way to the top of the roof where the website attached gives a spider a fun way to greet the new arrivals.

16. Skeleton Greeter

Skeleton Greeter

Country Living

Same as 10th porch know, this one also used a large frame but it looks spooky with his hands chained. The poor thing!

17. The Witching Hour Of Halloween Porch

The Witching Hour Of Halloween Porch

Tatertots and Jello

To this core, black and white Jack-o ‘ -Lantern is stacked on top of each other to attract the attention of the twist both day and night. It is also nice that other black and white decorations have been added it like pinwheels.

18. Festive Halloween Porch

Festive Halloween Porch

Crafting Chicks

Everything you see is made by hand from the bat to the pumpkin! And as a result very creative and artistic.

19. Spiders and Bats

Spiders and Bats

Women’s Day

This one looks fun! Your guests can carefully move through the web of the spider monsters in order to achieve a bowl of the precious treat. The spider, made from foam balls and chenille stems, will try to catch candy thieves in their web!

20. DIY Halloween Countdown Board

DIY Halloween countdown board

Lolly Jane

Another Halloween countdown board ideas that you can try. I like the art work here!

Isn’t this very inspirational list? This roundup will certainly encourage you to be very creative in your porch design. You may also want to check out some DIY ideas how to make Halloween decorations for your home. You can use these items to decorate your porch too. Or if you don’t want to add those bats, skulls, or spiders, you can just do fall decorations instead. It will still lighten up see your porch and enter into your home appeal! Can you tell I’m on top of the porch design that you like?

Bonus Video: Halloween Garage Makeover


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