20 L-shaped White Sectional Sofa in Modern Living Rooms

You have a sofa in your living room?

Sure, the answer is yes. The living room would not be complete without the sofa and the whole living room. It is important to have one because it is where we entertain guests. Other than that, it is also the area where we relax with the family.

The Sofa is one of the highlights of the living room. Therefore, we should choose the one that is comfortable and can make the space inviting.

When it comes to choosing a sofa, the one thing you will consider is the color. Most of the time, the owner of the house will take the sofas with neutral colours since it is easier to decorate. It also looks good on any type of space. That’s why there’s a lot of houses with white sofa.

But that’s not all.

Apart from the color, the design of the sofa is also something that one should take into account. There is a L-shaped sectional sofa that’s perfect for defining the space. Small and large space to use this, but this is more suitable for large spaces since it can be tricky to put it in a small living room.

Today, we are going to show you 20 modern living room with white L-shaped sectional sofa. See how the living area is designed around such as this sofa.

Here we go:

1. Modular Sofa 00638

Modular Sofa 00638


Black and white living room with white sofas that have same color with the walls and the window treatments in the area.

2. Sofa 05244

Sofa 05244


Apart from one large drum pendant, this modern living space also requires a white sofa to complete the look. White wall and sofa highlights the fireplace and provides dramatic curves against the straight lines of the space.

3. Sinbad Creek Residence

Sinbad Creek Residence

Swatt | Miers Architects

Mid-sized modern living room remodel with white walls and light wood floors. It is not just the sofa that is white but also other furniture in the area.

4. Modern Living Room

Modern Living Room

DKOR Interiors Inc.- Interior

Clerestory windows bring natural light into the living room. White color that is bright and airy. Notice that they use the floor white sofa that seemed to blend in with the surrounding.

5. Wild Oak

Wild Oak

Leanarch Inc.

There is a good contrast of black and white in this living room. The texture is also different which makes this space really great.

6. Loft Sectional Sofa

Loft Sectional Sofa

Imagine Living

Soft-edged modern leather sofa like the ones in the picture are perfect vehicles for the black and white scheme.

7. Casa Sardinera

Casa Sardinera

Ramón Esteve Estudio

White is used in most parts of the living room where one gets a good view of the waters.

8. The PH of the Tribeca

The PH of the Tribeca

B Internal

Minimalist formal and open concept living room design that features contrasting white and shades of gray. Even the lights here is white and everything looks great with the medium tone wood floor.

9. 100 Barcalay Tribeca Landmark

100 Barcalay Tribeca Landmark

Tara Harness Design

If you have a small space, small L-shaped white sofa as this will also work well in the area. The space had the distinction of dark and light that make it very interesting.

10. Modern Living Room

Modern Living Room

Javier Wainstein

This living room with beige wall has many interesting features from area rugs to wall decor. White sofa can offset the look of the space.

11. S residential

S residential

so1 Architect

You don’t like the look of this living room? It has a seamless connection to the outdoor area and it has a white leather everywhere including the kitchen.

12. Modern Style

Modern Style

Orion General Contractors

Modern living room with medium wood tone living room floor and white walls. Note that live in the area only small with gray area rug. It has a minimalist approach to design.

13. North Of The Residence Oaks

North Of The Residence Oaks

Douglas Danks Associates

Isn’t that view amazing? This modern living room has a nice contrast with the dark wooden floors to the wall.

14. Danzig Bay – Modern Living Room

Danzig Bay - Modern Living Room

Re-Style Decoration

Clean lines and minimal decoration is exactly what the owners of this house wanted and by the look of it, they have been able to get it. Using furniture carefully climb to space, the texture of the area rug to anchor the seating area, and a punch of color from pillows and wall decor make this room shine.

15. Rising Glen

Rising Glen

Styline Door and Window System

With direct access to the outdoors, this living room is a nice place to relax. It is also good that it had some wooden elements make it look warm.

16. Living Room Furniture

Living Room Furniture

Chuck Wells & Associates

An L-shaped sofa ideal for a place like this where you can put it near the corner of the wall. This living room is beautiful!

17. Dialogue House

Dialogue House

the construction zone, ltd.

Wonderfully executed details that offers a carefree and comfortable plan. The white sofa looks good as it seems to blend in with the walls.

18. Leather Sectional Sofa

Leather Sectional Sofa

EuroLux Furniture

This beautiful white leather sectional sofa with stainless steel legs provide comfort for the user. It has adjustable headrest and skin that can bring style and function to the living room.

19. Unusual Design

Unusual Design

The Spectrum Of A

This modern minimalist room has ceramic gray floor and white walls which makes it the perfect space for a white sofa. Overall, the minimalist appeal is achieved not only because of their color choices but also due to the layout.

20. Brick House

Brick House

RI Concetti

This large minimalist living room has open concept featuring dark wood floors. Love the throw pillows of the same blue print on it!

As you can see, the white really looks good in whatever room you put it. But to ensure that it is still white, you need to clean from time to time. In this way, dirt will not accumulate which may cause discoloration of your white sofa. Sure, your efforts in keeping the cleanliness is worth apart from protecting your family from dust that may harm their health, you can also keep the beautiful look of your living space. Notice that most white sofa above have pillows that add to the appeal. Do you have a white L-shaped sofa in your home or you prefer other colors?


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