20 Loft Beds with Desk For Boys Bedrooms

Are you looking for a loft bed that is suitable for your children?

Well, for young kids they are more like the ones where they can play and hide. They might even want something that came with the theme.

For teens, they will be happy to get a loft bed with a work or study area. With this, they can do their school work, play games on the computer and get some rest at the same time.

They will also have a place they could call their own once you give them a bed like this one.

Want to see the different design of loft bed with desk? Today, we have collected some of the beds that you can use for your boys bedroom.

See the picture below:

1. Brooklyn Home

Brooklyn Home

Barker Freeman Design Office Architects

Given a 25-by 50-foot footprint, this column made use of the loft bed and other space-saving tools.

2. Reclaimed Grayson Loft Bed

Reclaimed Grayson Loft Bed

Rosenberry Rooms

This may look a little classical but it does look nice for a modern space as well. Some may prefer to have it painted which is also a good idea. This loft bed is not only come with the table but also with the open shelves and in drawers.

3. Calder High Bed

Calder High Bed


This cabin bed comes with clothes, a big desk, and a shelf with 3 drawers. Children always need storage and under this high single bed in bed, they have the storage space for kids of all ages, along with a large wardrobe and a desk.

4. Morgan Plan

Morgan Plan

Heritage Custom Homes, LLC

This form provides plenty of space beneath which can be perfect for a closet, a book shelf or a study desk. Apart from the bed the attic, one can also use wall beds to save space in the bedroom.

5. Ko’olau


Ryan Siphers Photography

This is a fun sleep! The owner of the home requested a place where kids can sleep, study, play video games and read. To fit all those functions into a 14 – by 24-foot space, a loft bed built in which two full-size beds tucked in as well as the table underneath.

6. Port Blues

Port Blues

Christopher Burns Interiors

This loft bed has simple lines that run from the bed to learn desktop, built in shelves, and cubby holes. To protect children from falls, bed rails added on the top floor.

7. Allegro Limited

Allegro Limited

Allegro Limited

This is a teenage boys room with lofted bed and under the table. The walls have a strip of blue paint above and on the ceiling. Graffiti chair adds whimsy to the bedroom.

8. Moda Loft Bed with Desk and bookshelf Options

Moda Loft Bed with Desk and bookshelf Options

Room and Board

The Moda loft brings modern, functional design to kids’ furniture. It features a clever, space-efficient design with few tables, book shelves and cupboard storage options.

9. 43 M2

43 M2


Not only are there serious cute closet storage built into the base of the loft-style bed, there is also a desk and small shelf attached to the side. There are also roll-away file cabinet underneath. This makes for a perfect place to sleep and learn.

10. Chester Twin Loft With Desk & Storage

Chester Twin Loft With Desk & Storage

Rosenberry Rooms

Apart from the table, this one also has a closet. Yes, it’s like all the people need is in the attic of this place sleep!

11. BSleep + Study Loft

BSleep + Study Loft

PB Teen

Solid, stylish and fun to decorate! It features a sleeping loft with a compact desk with plenty of storage space, including shelves on both sides. It also has strong dovetail drawers which glide smoothly. The frame and ladder are made from wood-the dry wood and come in a variety of paint and stain options to fit your personal style.

12. Gami Montana Loft Bed with Desk, Wardrobe & Storage Under

Gami Montana Loft Bed with Desk, Wardrobe & Storage Under

Beds and Bunks Direct

This bed design a robust and practical high sleeper bed made of wood particleboard and finished in a high quality grey oak effect veneer for an outstanding appearance.

13. City High Sleep 1

City High Sleep 1

Room to Grow

A contemporary and sturdy high bed frame is built from pine wood with a FIBER safety rails finished in solid white lacquer with striking solid birch detailing the beds and steps. Stylish desk sits under the bed and stood on the chair bed can be positioned facing in or out.

14. Bunker Bed, White Futon And Kids Loft Beds

Bunker Bed, White Futon And Kids Loft Beds

N The World

I love the shape of this since it looks really modern with black glass in the table top and shelves. This would be perfect for black and white bedroom!

15. Bedroom with Desk and Closet

Bedroom with Desk and Closet


Why not get a graceful metal bed complete with a study room or work area? This is the ideal place for small bedroom or even for an apartment.

16. Bunk & Loft Beds With a Desk You’ll Love

Bunk & Loft Beds With a Desk You'll Love

N The World

If you have two boys, you can get this loft bed which has two beds and a study room. It has the classic appeal of wood but if you prefer a different color, I think you can only paint this.

17. Highsleeper with Sofa Bed, Fixed Desk, Pull Out Table

Highsleeper with Sofa Bed, Fixed Desk, Pull Out Table

Room to Grow

During sleep with white, the gracefully curved headboard and solid ergonomic stairs with wide treads and grab handles are easy to climb. There is also a useful box storage hidden under the pillow! Large fixed table offers a great space to learn. There are also cubes which gives a lot of savings.

18. Fargo Farleigh Grey High Bed with Full Length Desk

Fargo Farleigh Grey High Bed with Full Length Desk

Little People Furniture

If you want something that will fit in the minimalist interior, you can try this gray attic bedroom. Note that this bedroom used modern geometric pattern in it that looks very nice.

19. Collier Hill Model Home #81

Collier Hill Model Home #81

CCD Internal

The medium transition teen room design for boys with gray walls, carpet and yellow floor. It features a metal loft bed with a study room in the bottom of it. I like the retro wall decoration they added in this bedroom.

20. Mohit/Polk – Room of the child

Mohit/Polk - Room of the child

Tamara Rosenbloom Design LLC

This bedroom are small and have a small existing closet and poor flow, then, the designers added a loft bedroom with a large custom desk space, complete with tool chest as desk storage.

If you give a boy you sleep like this, they certainly will have everything in one space. This is also good so that they will learn how to organize their own items. Bed like this is perfect for the small bedroom since it can help save space. It also created the personal space for you boys where they can learn their lesson, play games and sleep. Another good thing about this bed is that you can use it for any type of space you have may it be modern kids sleep or not. Can you tell me which of the above loft bed with desk?


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