20 Patriotic DIY Wall Decors for the Fourth of July

It is that time of year again when the house will be decorated with flags and other patriotic themed decorations. There are many ways to do that. Others put up a real flag in or outside their homes while some are more creative and will come up with a decoration that is in line with the theme. The decor is also different from the wall art, votives, in the middle of the table and a lot of other people. But today, we will show you a list of DIY wall decorations with a patriotic theme.

In order for you to add more beauty to your wall this fourth of July, you can add wall decorations that have been made. The easiest way to do that is to make the banting or find a free printable online and frame it. But there are also more creative and pleasant ways to make this type of decoration and we’ll show you that today. This includes using different materials like wooden pallets, paint the face and a lot of other people. You can really make something from whatever is in the house. Now let’s check out this list of Diy and at the end, tell us which of these you will be glad to try to make.

patriotic decorations

1. Patriotic Wall Art

Patriotic Wall Art

I Heart Naptime

By using the camera, you can make this beautiful home decoration with the painting with stripes and adding the paper mache stars. To make it more creative, you can add some fabric bunting too.

2. DIY Patriotic Monogram Door Hanger

DIY Patriotic Monogram Door Hanger

The Ship Wound

This monogram will make us think of Captain America because of the colors and the letter A. You can watch the video on how to come up with a design like this.

3. 2 Patriotic Palette Mark

    The Patriotic Palette Of The Sign

Blooming Homestead

Using a palette, you can create a sign, such as this one. If you’ve got talent in the letters, then do it with the pen or the brush but if not, you can also use a stencil like what the designer used here.

4. DIY Patriotic Wood Star Decoration

DIY Patriotic Wood Star Decoration


Using popsicle sticks, you can make a star like this one. Just glue them together and you will come up with a beautiful decor and add some bunting as well.

5. Patriotic pallet flag

Patriotic pallet flag

Magic Brush Inc

A pallet wood flag painted with the colors of the American flag. Paper-Mache stars have been added to it.

6. DIY Patriotic Home of the Brave Art Wall Decor

DIY Patriotic Home of the Brave Art Wall Decor

Who is still alive. A Teacher’s Salary

For this one, you will need to be printed from a still Life. A Teacher’s Salary then buy a bunch of red buttons and glue them on a sheet to make to create a star themed wall decor.

7. Patriotic Paint Chip Art

Patriotic Paint Chip Art

Positive Beautiful

There is a paint chip that is not used anymore? Why not make this wall decor for your home? Or if you don’t have paint chips, just print out the stars and put them together!

8. 4th of July Print

4th of July Print

Blooming Homestead

Looking for something to print and frame as a decoration this fourth of July? Then check out this printable from Blooming Homestead and put it in a beautiful frame.

9. The Patriotic Decorations On The Home Tour

The Patriotic Decorations On The Home Tour

Maison de Pax

It’s amazing that you can really make something out of old windows like this one. Just attach to the blackboard where you can write and add some bunting too red, blue and white colors.

10. 4th of July Decorations Using Paper Bags

4th of July Decorations Using Paper Bags

Parties for Pennies

Believe it or not, this decoration made from a paper bag and once you see how this one is made, you will be surprised how easy it is to make one!

11. DIY Patriotic Wall Art

DIY Patriotic Wall Art

Classy Clutter

Cut the plywood to shape like this or I think you can also use cardboard as well. Then add the letterings to that or other word you can think of.

12. The Land Of The Free Because Of The Brave

The Land Of The Free Because Of The Brave

V Spot Blog

I can tell that both of these decorations are handmade and that some of the stenciling involved. See how this was created via the V Spot Blog.

13. Painted Burlap Star

Painted Burlap Star

Maison de Pax

Got the burlap? Make this shabby chic patriotic star decoration in a few easy steps. Guess you can also use different types of fabric also.

14. Patriotic mantel and DIY Plywood Flag

Patriotic mantel and DIY Plywood Flag

The Modest Homestead

This layered flag added to the mantel along with framed decorations with patriotic words. Well, it’s easy to make that flag where you will be using the painters tape, star stencil and of course, paint.

15. DIY Memorial Day Decor

DIY Memorial Day Decor

Yesterday on Tuesday

Add some cheerful sparkle for some of the letters and put them together on one palette. To give a feel patriotic, using the colors red, white and blue.

16. Customize Your Own Patriotic Flowers On The Wall

Customize Your Own Patriotic Flowers On The Wall

Michaels Store

This one is very funny! Collect different flowers which are blue, red and white then put them into wooden crates with floral foam. Finished with a hook where you can sign.

17. DIY planked American Flag

DIY planked American Flag

Maison de Pax

Covered with boards of wood used for this one which has troubled appeal but it does look really good and suitable design of the bedroom.

18. Pallet Wood Patriotic American Star Signs

Pallet Wood Patriotic American Star Signs

Mayfair Market Signs

Another wall decoration was made using wooden pallets but this time the stars have added it with the patriotic colors of the USA.

19. USA Wall Decoration

USA Wall Decoration

B Franklin Crafts

You can get more creative by making the wall decoration like this one. Apart from the words of the USA, you can also add pictures of it.

20. Patriotic Print

Patriotic Print

Blooming Homestead

For this one, you can really use a different pattern to the map if you plan to cut the shape but the easier option is just to get the printable from Blooming Homestead.

So if you feel crafty, go ahead and make one on top of the decorations that you can use for the fourth of July. Sure, you will be able to make a beautiful home decoration which is not only patriotic, but also unique and personal. Or you can also come up with other decorations using the above Diy as inspiration. And what’s remarkable is that you can really make anything from any of the goods you have at home! On top of decorations you will be glad to try to do that?


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