22 Remarkable White Chairs in Condominium Dining Areas

Since a lot of people who live in condominiums these days, it is no wonder why there’s a lot of beautiful condo interior that appeared in the magazines and on the internet where we can get inspiration from it. There are actually many things you can do with your condo from the layout to the decor. And I’m pretty sure that you are excited to decorate your space and design that also suitable to your needs. We have made some of the interior round-up for you in the condo but we really have more to show.

The most common colors for white furniture because it looks good in any space. There are no miracles that we see in many interiors, especially in the area. Most condo units have a modern design that is why many of them use white furniture like in the dining room. When other people use white for both the table and chairs, some will use white dining chairs only. Therefore, we have made a list of places to eat that have white seat in it. Let’s see below.

condo white dining area

1. Ritz Carlton

Ritz Carlton

AE Design Studio

Beautiful! It would indeed be nice to eat in a space like this overlooking the city. One could even see the sunset from here. And yes, it has a white comfortable chairs here around the glass dining table.

2. Penthouse Clayton

Penthouse Clayton

Mitchell Wall

You can also go for a round dining table with stylish chairs like this one. I really like the chair with the unique design.

3. Condo Dining

Condo Dining


This is a modern contemporary condo with a small dining area just next to the kitchen. Beautiful, isn’t it?

4. Contemporary Condo

Contemporary Condo

A. Design At Sunninghill Inc.

What immediately caught my attention here is a good decoration since it brings some color into the space. And the symmetry of the wall see the shelves are really nice as well with the same color as the dining set.

5. The Condo Showflat

The Condo Showflat


What about the dining room with a wall mirror? Why not? This one has it and it also has a beautiful wall shelves in an area that is too white like a chair.

6. Uptown Condominiums No. 1

Uptown Condominiums No. 1

Altus Arch

This dining and living room, you can see that used wooden floor which added emphasis to the white dining set.

7. Gold Coast Penthouse

Gold Coast Penthouse

Centaur Interiors

I always love anything wood and white when combined together just like what we can see in the dining room located in the home kitchen. And hey, look at that unique and almost futuristic design the corner the counter top!

8. Dining Room Interior Miami

    Dining Room Interior Miami

J Design Group

Simple modern dining room with white chairs around the long glass dining table. So simple yet beautiful!

9. Green Street Condo

Green Street Condo

MacCracken Architects

This dining room is located in a 1960s condominium on Russian Hill that is updated resulting to a beautiful and comfortable home.

10. River Residence

River Residence

Centaur Interiors

White and black also look good together just like what you see here. There is a modern fireplace in one piece as well as some elements of metal also to add sheen to the space.

11. Downtown Seattle Cd Condominiums

Downtown Seattle Cd Condominiums

Michelle Dirkse Interior Design

The small dining room is placed right next to the window so the couple could enjoy views of the city around it. And it looks great with white dining chairs indeed.

12. Contemporary Twilight

Contemporary Twilight

DKOR Interiors Inc.

I like the look of the interior especially with the glossy cabinet doors that line the area from the dining room into the kitchen. And of course, I love the dining set with lovely chairs and oval table.

13. White Living room

White Living room


This is a condo that looks like from Asia with a wall mirror and a small dining area surrounded by white dining chairs.

14. SOHO Condominiums

SOHO Condominiums

CCS Architecture

There are many beautiful details in this condo just like the coffee table and also the design of the chair also. And there is a different color here from the walls to the furniture.

15. Waterfront Penthouse

Waterfront Penthouse

DKOR Interiors Inc.

This dining room is surrounded by glass and it looked really beautiful especially because of the natural light that goes into it.

16. House 2

House 2


If you want to find a neat dining room, then this is the one for you. Just look at all the white color in here. The lights hanging above the buffet table looks really nice as well.

17. White Dining Room

white dining room


At first glance, you will immediately see the light area where a few plants added. I also like the curved design of the chairs that seemed to offset the sleek appearance of the area.

18. Beach Point Condo

Beach Point Condo

Palm Beach Daily News

This dining room used honed travertine on the floors there are in the whole condominium public room. Love the contrast of dark wood and white here.

19. Kitchen Dining Room

Kitchen Dining Room

Eugene Zhdanov

The floor and the bathroom with the pattern of the tiles look really very artistic! It is said that creative flare of a small dining room with white chairs around a glass dining table.

20. Contemporary Total

Contemporary Total

DKOR Interiors Inc.

It’s a great place, right? Very beautiful indeed especially with the pops of green and blue with white color.

21. Interior to directory 8

Interior to directory 8

Yury Misha

This dining room has some classic touch from the hearth to the molding. But it has a nice selection of lighting and furniture.

22. Modern


Vladimir Bolotkin

Small space eat in kitchen separated from the living space through the black sliding glass doors. It is right to use white for the chair since the floor is black and also black glass also.

The white really looks beautiful where you put it and you can see that it is matched with different type of table in the condominiums. They all look really good no matter what they style and design. We can see that the space looks more balanced in terms of color and have the stunning aesthetics as well. It really added to the subtle sophistication of the condo’s dining that we have featured at above. We hope this list has somehow inspired you to your condo dining room.


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