22 Stunning and Neat White Condo Bedrooms

Each unit in a condominium comes in different sizes. There are some really wide while there are others who are just small. But whatever their size, the owner of the house does not need to worry because designers always find a way to make things better. And if your space is only small, you should note a few things to see that it will visually appear wider and that it will work properly. One thing you can do for your space is to use white color in it.

So this is what we are going to show you today – white condo bedroom. This is actually the same color when it comes to space especially if the area is small. But can also be used in large spaces and make them appear larger. What’s good in using white is that it works well in any space and you can also bring a subtle pop of color to any time you want. So today, we have collected white bedroom in the condominium can also give you an idea of what you can do with your own bedroom in the condo.

white condo sleep

1. Contemporary Bedroom

Contemporary Bedroom

Katrina Okoronkwo

It is a good idea to add a dark gray rug in this bedroom make the area look more beautiful. You can also see here some of the wall decorations in black and white also.

2. Regalia



Luxury condo bedroom with tufted white wall on the side of the bed. It has minimal furniture in it with a simple yet sophisticated living space.

3. Condo in White

Condo in White

Blackband Design

This is such a cute bedroom! I like the bed set as well as a built-in bench under the wall and on the side of the high wall shelves.

4. White Contemporary Bedroom With Gray

White Contemporary Bedroom With Gray


The gray accent wall plus white bedroom with dark wooden floor. There is also a window here that allows the owner to get a good view of the city outside the home.

5. Park Place Condo

Park Place Condo

Denise Retallack

This area has white color everywhere, but you can also see that there are some black accents in it. What I like most here is the area rug with the language of the inscription on it as well as the addition grows near the television.

6. Miami Luxury Waterfront Condo

Miami Luxury Waterfront Condo

Roughan Interior Design

It will be nice to rest in a space like this where you can see the beauty of the ocean. Here, it has some pops of red in it which is done in a subtle way.

7. DC Condo – Guest Bedroom

DC Condo - Guest Bedroom

AE Form

Simple white condo bedroom with black accents on it from the wall decor to the bed.

8. Minimal Sleep

Minimal Sleep

Kazi Obaydollah

Black and white decoration is added in the white bedroom in which you can also see the wooden chest with white vase on it. On both sides wooden side table with white table lamp.

9. Bedroom Design

Bedroom Design

Kimiko Wong

You can see pops of color in this bedroom, but of course, the whiteness of it still exists. It is also used wood also.

10. Ironing Condo

Ironing Condo

JK Walters Inc.

For sure you will agree with me that the wall decoration was bring a refreshing and cool feel this white bedroom. Imagine how the space looks like without it!

11. Del Mar Condo Renovation

Del Mar Condo Renovation

Jennifer Adams

Bedroom with window on one side filled with light and appear brighter because the color of white. Sure, you’ll see a subtle classic touch in here.

12. Sleep NYC

Sleep NYC

Javier Wainstein

The combination of white walls and wooden floor that looks really good in this bedroom. Low platform bed is also said to in this area of minimalism.

13. Manhattan Pre-War Condo

Manhattan Pre-War Condo

KL Interior — Keith Lichtman

What I like here is the pair of abstract wall paintings and the round mirrors with intricate designs.

14. Sleep in Los Andes

Sleep in Los Andes

Marcos Vilunir

Although the wall here is white, it look better with flowers on the walls and the bed that long from the white walls.

15. NY Condo

NY Condo


The skin of the head used in this bedroom that matches with the white covering, blinds and wall. And the leather seats are also added to compliment with the head.

16. Standard


Mohamed Azmyl

I love the combination of white, wood and black in this bedroom. It has a subtle Asian flavor in it, but it has a more contemporary vibe.

17. Easy Sleep

Easy Sleep

Eloisa Conti

Palette sleep used here is one thing interesting in the bedroom. But it does not look beautiful all in all with a mixture of furniture and decorations.

18. Gold Coast Condo

Gold Coast Condo

Cynthia Lynn Photography

The bedroom is filled with natural light from the bay window where the table is added so that one can see the city view while working.

19. Modern Condo, West Hollywood

Modern Condo, West Hollywood

Modiano Design

This certainly is a bright bedroom with a variety of patterns and prints on it. But because of the white walls, it doesn’t look crowded.

20. 1 Hanson Street Luxury Condominiums

1 Hanson Street Luxury Condominiums

PEG Properties & Design

Sure what immediately draws your attention is the horse wall decoration facing each other and mounted on top of the bed. It looks great, right? And I also like that the owner added a beautiful office desk where he can work on.

21. Personal Work

Personal Work

A. Javier Hernandez Castiblanco

Apart from the black accent wall, you can also see that there is different art elements in the bedroom such as the area rug and the wall painting.

22. Miami Beach, Florida Condo

Miami Beach, Florida Condo

The Occupants Form

What I notice here is the variety of textures in the space make it look more interesting and I like that it was done this way. Also, it is a good idea to add colored throw pillows for some pops of color.

The intensive, right? Of course, they all look well-groomed because of the use of white. You can also see that each bedroom has a subtle accent color from gray to another color of fun. It just depends on what you want, but if you want to color white to win, you can add a bit of color. So, do you like this list of condo sleep we do today? I hope you like it and feel free to share this with your friends too especially if you know someone who is trying to update his condo to sleep.


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