25 Small Kitchen Makeovers That Will Inspire You

The color gray usually synonymous with dull, boring and dead, but it has been a favorite color for home remodeling and design for many years. One of the most popular in the house the place where gray is the effective color of the kitchen. Once you see a lot of beautiful grey kitchen ideas, you will be inspired to consider this color for your next reconstruction project.

Kitchen cabinets are usually the ones who assigned the color gray as more and more home owners don’t want to have the usual all white or wood-brown cabinet. What color scheme would look boring if you don’t know how to mix and match them.

Grey kitchen idea will give you ideas how to mix and match colors so standout shades of gray – will not look pathetic like most people would think. The gray makes the other aspects of the kitchen standout, so in a way, gray make this room more interesting.

You have to admit, there’s a luxurious classic vibe to gray. When you think about it, gray kitchen (or other room in your home) makes you think like if you ever just walk into a luxury condo.

And if you are still not convinced that gray should be the top you choose color, just check out this beautiful grey kitchen ideas for inspiration.


When choosing a gray for your kitchen, you should think about what colors best with it. If you have an eye for color, you will know what works; if you don’t, you can always work with a professional. For example, one popular combination is grey and white, with both colors used in the cabinet. This combination creates a soft contrast.

You may also want to grey flooring match with grey cabinet, keep in mind the right different colors. For example, the dark grey floor will look great with a darker shade of gray for the cabinet. That’s not to say you can use other bright colors such as yellow and orange.


Grey can be your next favorite color because it’s far from boring and safe. If done right with inspiration from this brilliant grey kitchen ideas, you can create interesting, fun and unique kitchen.


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