27 Astounding and Well-Organized Condo Home Offices

Many homeowners living in condominiums especially those who work or study in the city. Condo unit in fact can be designed as your home and may also contain different parts of the house that you need. Most of the time, this is not so broad but this will be enough to have everything you need for the home. With the right planning and layout, you can have the perfect home in the condo.

You can add other fields such as a mini-library, laundry area or office at home in your condo. Because you don’t have a lot of space, you should ensure that you do design a really good. If we talk about home office, it can be said even for a small part of the house. Or if you are lucky to get a spacious condo, then you will be able to have a larger home office also. Here are 25 condo home office design that you can use for inspiration.

condo home office

1. Century Residential Tower

Century Residential Tower

Paul Davis Architects

Working in a room with a view of the city as this one will be very, very good. So, if your condo has a space where you can add a floating desk, then this can be a good idea.

2. Scandinavian Modern Condominium

Scandinavian Modern Condominium

Jill Adopted A Form Of

You may also insert a floating table near the window like this one to save space.

3. Contemporary Condo

Contemporary Condo

A. Design At Sunninghill Inc.

This home office a seamless merge with a living room with a good view of the waters.

4. Malibu Architecture

Malibu Architecture

Tracy Murdock Allied ACID

A fabulous loft exposed to the high slanted ceilings with a skylight. Some condos have attic space, if you have one, then you can add a home office there.

5. The Beach Street Office

The Beach Street Office

Melissa Lenox Design

The color of the walls add more life to your home office with floating shelves on the wall.

6. Grand Condo

Grand Condo

Catherine Renae Thomas Design Co.

Ottoman storage and the area rug adds some exciting appeal to this living room and home office combination.

7. James Thomas, LLC

jamesthomas, LLC

James Thomas Internal

Neat home office use of a long white table. But what I notice here is the city view from the window.

8. Design Project-Market St. Condo Home Office

Design Project-Market St. Condo Home Office

Toronto Condo Staging

If you want privacy in your home office, you can hide behind a sliding door. Like the way storage has been added here also area carpet also.

9. Beard-Chu


John Lum Architecture, Inc. AIA

This one is also found in the back of a sliding door so you can work without interruption.

10. Little Italy Condo

Little Italy Condo

Studio H Design Group, Inc

Notice the interesting wall décor here and of course it use sleek furniture in modern industrial space overlooking the city.

11. Colorful Stylish Condo

Colorful Stylish Condo

Heather Crochet

This modern home office that features a specially designed open shelves, closed storage and a long work surface all sitting on a geometric area rug.

12. BASED on the design of

BASED on the design of

BASED on the design of

Another attic working area for a condo space. I find the light interesting here.

13. Upper East Side – A Truly Special Oasis City

UPPER EAST SIDE - a truly Special Oasis City

Celia Berliner Design, LLC

It is also a good idea to use one side of the wall for storage and as a working area.

14. Mount Pleasant Condo

Mount Pleasant Condo

Lisa Petrole Photography

A nice combination of wood and white for this condo home office. Just next to it is a small home bar with wine storage.

15. 72 The Parade Ascot Vale Victoria Australia

72 The Parade Ascot Vale Victoria Australia

Bagnato Architects

Multi function room that can be used for different purposes such as media room, home office or bedroom. Leather furniture has been used here with the cattle hide under the coffee table.

16. Chestnut Street

Chestnut Street

Sutro Architects

When not in use, this office space can be hidden behind the door of a custom wall system.

17. Back Bay Residential

Back Bay Residential

Terrat Elms Interior Design

This one used a lovely splash of orange with glass and wood materials. From here, one can also get a glimpse of the view to the outside through the glass window.

18. Office


Garret Cord Werner Architects & Interior

The condo that design with a work desk attached to the wall. I don’t know if this can be put when not in use to have more space in the area.

19. Modern Home Office

Modern Home Office

Dkor Interiors

White condo space with orange walls that add a pop of color to the space. This is a good idea if you are sharing office space with other family members.

20. SW Portland Contemporary Condo: Home Office

SW Portland Contemporary Condo: Home Office

Robin Rigby Fisher CMKBD/CAPS

Maximize storage in a small office this for more work space. It was hidden under the cabinet lighting which illuminate the desk area without casting shadows.

21. Minimalist Condo Great Room, Open-kitchen layout Remodel

Minimalist Condo Great Room, Open-kitchen layout Remodel

Korn Interior Design, Inc.

You can also insert a small home office in the Open layout Kitchen. This home office has a pull-down aluminum shutter to cover-up any clutter.

22. Living Room, Kitchen & Entry

Living Room, Kitchen & Entry

Ernesto Santalla PLLC

For a long narrow space, you can still bring in the home office too by entering the small area to work.

23. Office


TZS Design

This small modern home office has a beautiful view on the Chicago sky.

24. New Model Home

New Model Home

The Jewelry Is Not Limited

Elegant home study with custom wood and executive officer a chair. This one seems really pretty and quiet.

25. SW Portland Contemporary Condo: Home Office

SW Portland Contemporary Condo: Home Office

Robin Rigby Fisher CMKBD/CAPS

I like the idea that a long stick shape seems to connect some part of the cabinet to the table office of the house.

26. Continuum


The Task Of The Design Group

Neat sophisticated work space with a unique base for the table seen here. And it overlooks the sea as well. Notice the unique mixture of furniture in the area.

27. Linden Hills Contemporary

Linden Hills Contemporary

Andrea Swan – Swan Architecture

If you have a cabinet, you can insert a small working space with floating desk.

What is your space, you can always add a home office small and large areas. Just see to it that you will choose a design that fits your space and that it will not look crowded. Make sure that your home office will function even if it is small. The secret to the pros working in this space to keep it clean and organized. So, see to it that you clean your space regularly and everything is arranged.


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