7 Ways To Recreate a Hotel Room Vibe In Your Own Home

Our previous post, we have been together with you some tips about how to make your living room feel cozy in spite of the harsh cold of winter. This time, let us move to the room and make the bed comfortable and a beautiful dream. Even if the moon is too cold, you can still add warmth to sleep even without the help of a heater.

Instead of automatically turning the heater or too much depending on the heating system, consider using an alternative to add warmth to the bedroom. You want to lower utility costs, especially in this particular room in the house where you just go to sleep.

If you can reduce the use of energy, wouldn’t that be great? Plus, you’re also livening up the area so that it will be pleasing to the eye and soothing to the soul. It is a win-win actually. Here are 9 ways you can warm up your bedroom without heating.

#1. Check for cracks and drafts

Give your bedroom a routine inspection, especially the window area, to a few leaks and gaps that may be letting warm air from inside is leaking to the outside. Not only will you prevent leakage of hot air and waste of energy, but you will also keep unwanted bugs outside. Check for leaks and you may want to caulk it.

#2. Invest in a thick bed

Winter is the time for you to invest in your bed and say goodbye to (or put away) people-skinny people a stylish place to sleep you had over the summer. Just warm up the room with a thick layer of bedding so you don’t have to turn on the heater. Not from the satin sheets, it is time to get the flannel sheet and the comforter out. If you can, have an electric blanket to help with the extra warmth also.

#3. Ceiling fan rotation

The fan helps to keep you cool in the summer but it can also blow warm air in the colder months. Most fans allow you to switch the rotation so that the knife shifted in the direction of the clock (not your average) so that warm air from the ceiling will be sucked in and distributed over the bottom in the room.

#4. Use a space heater

In this case, you will still use the heater but not the main heating system. Have a good night’s sleep, the room temperature should be ideally at 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Space heater or portable heater allows you to add warmth to sleep without consuming too much energy. Remember use even. This device is great in bed but not in the children’s room.

#5. Cold nightwear

Sometimes, you will probably have to deal with the space cooler especially when it’s shared. If you still want to keep things warm, wear socks and a hat, before hiding under the blanket. You can have that coveted cozy time in bed and sleep better.

#6. Sleep Position

While this does not apply to all homeowners, sleeping position in the right place is a great idea to have the warmth in the bedroom. If your bed is placed near a window, it’s a great idea to move from that place.

#7. Area rugs work wonders
Make your room ready for the winter.

Need we say more? Area rugs are always a perfect addition to any room in any season, but more so in the winter. Not only does this add beauty to the room but it is very functional as it gives extra warmth and keep your feet warm.

#8. Bring out the thick curtains

Like any room in the house, the curtains can either add warmth or make the house cold. In winter, use thick curtains and close the windows. And while you are at it, choose a bright color just so that you can reduce the winter blues.

#9. Old school hot water bottle

This method still works. Just put hot water bottles under your bed sheet when it is time to hit the sack. The other way is to invest in a bed-heater. They may use energy but they are more efficient than switch to a home thermostat to the required warmth.

Get ready to snuggle up and get cozy in the bedroom this winter?


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