A Pool House in West Hills Has Curved Green Roof

Isn’t it nice to have your own pool? Of course, it is!

This means that you don’t have to go far to get the relaxation you need from a swimming pool. Apart from that, you can invite your friends for a pool party!

But that’s not all.

It will also be more interesting if you have your own pool house! What is it?

This is a separate structure, apart from the main house, which is located on the side of the pool. The people who came from the water can take a bath here, cook, eat and get some rest.

Sounds great, right?

Yup! It really works! You don’t have to go home in order to wash. This gives guests more time to have fun and to bond together.

Today, we will show a unique pool house that has a curved roof. You will definitely love this design!

Take a look at.

Location: Westlake Hills, Texas

Designer: Murray Legge Architecture

Style: Contemporary

Some Of The LevelsOne-storey

Unique features: A pool house that has a curved roof which is also a green roof at the same time.

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Murray Legge Architecture designed this swimming pool house is located in Westlake Hills, Texas. It includes a swimming pool, spa, and terrace landscaping. It is nice that the green roof also has some flowers which add more beauty to the structure. It is also a nice compliment to the scenery of the pool house.

Murray Legge Architecture

See here is the infinity edge swimming pool surrounded by a deck with plenty of space to entertain and relax in the sun. The pool has blue floor tiles that add appeal to this area. As seen in the first image of this feature, the pool has a beautiful design with the creative steps that allows the user to get in and out of the pool.

The Pool House

According to the designers, “impervious cover and storm water run-off regulations within the city very tight.” Therefore, in order to work within the guidelines of the city, the green roof has been installed in the pool house.

Pool house windows

The pool house has indoor-outdoor dining area that also comes with a luxury residential kitchen. Some parts of the pool house has large glass windows on it which makes it slightly transparent just like the area near the kitchen. It would be good to get a glimpse of the pool while preparing some snacks here.

Pool house green roof

The curve of the green roof can also be seen in the interior of the pool house. Wooden boat-like vaulted ceilings echo the surrounding canyon hills. This also makes the high ceilings that add to the brightness of the pool house.

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Home swimming pool

The easy part just with a lot of wooden elements in it. Folding doors are used to open the pool house. There is also a shower and bathroom in it. You can also see that there are many windows around the pool house that allows a good view of the beautiful surroundings.

Pool house fireplace

The pool house smoothly connected to the outside area. From the living space is an outdoor fireplace which is the perfect place to make the customers feel warm. It would be nice to throw a party in this area complete with barbeque and drinks.

Home outdoor pool

Around the pool house a beautiful area featuring green grass and a few trees. You can also take a glimpse here mosaic used above ground pool. Also see in the picture is the steps leading into the pool area covered in grass.

Pool house steps

Since the pool house on a slight slope, the suspended permeable stone terrace system has been used. The image gives a closer look at the two ladders in the pool house. The top image is the one with grass cover while the image below it is from the main house for that leads to the pool house in the lower area.

Murray Legge Architecture designed this swimming pool house which also has a dining room and kitchen. That’s not only beautiful, but also sustainable. Apart from the architecture, the landscaping around it added to the appeal that makes it even more interesting. See that there are a lot of plants around it that creativity is cultivated in different areas. Of course, the pool itself is an amazing feature too! You will be glad to own a pool house in the same house with this one?


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