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Modern Simple Single Floor Beautiful House

Total Area : 1234 Square Feet
Client : Rafi
Location : Malappuram
Designer : Rafeeq Lively
Mobs : 7736140744
What’s the App : https://bit.ly/2Ig968B

Looking to put a house with one floor ? Then here is a wonderful height that you may develop an instant liking to. The porch is located on the side of the entrance was beautiful, the flat roof matches well with the rest of the contemporary height. The entire home is all about sharp edges and fine lines. The fence on the balcony is some of the easiest we’ve seen, and it could have been an attempt of the architect to keep you focused on the beauty of the whole house.

However, the stones that had been embedded in some parts of the wall, this make up for the lack of decorative elements on the wall. The home has 3 bedrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen and store room. The house was built at a cost of under 25 lack and it is suggested to Rafi, Malappuram. This 3BHK contemporary house design that leads you by the Designer Rafeeq Richard, DH DESIGNERS & BUILDERS.

One of the prominent features is the roof which was built at the height of the great. This ensures good ventilation and always keep a pleasant atmosphere in the interior. All three bathrooms are attached with built in wardrobe facilities. The dining room is a luxury of leisure. Charge 6 seat dining table that deserves a space. As the kitchen has all the amenities, store rooms have also been set near the kitchen.


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