Three Bedroom Bungalow House Design

This Three Bedroom Bungalow House Design 140 square meters in total floor area. This includes the porch and the lanai in the back. Design for a detached, it can stay in lot with 16.1 square front with and 18.3 meters deep. The Minimum lot area required is 295 square meters.

High with 4 steps, porch 4.3 meters by 2.4 meters can accommodate one full size sofa for sitting and formal accept. The main entrance to this three bedroom bungalow house design is a wooden panel door and arched iron windows. Receiving area which is very spacious with a size of 4.3 metres by 5.5 metres, or about 24 square meters. The room can meet 6 to 10 people as guests in this area.

On the right side of this bungalow consists of the master’s bedroom and bedroom 2. The master bedroom has a bathroom and built-in cabinet. Bedroom 2 is also suitable for couples since the bed is king size, which has a built-in cabinet also. The left side, this room common toilet and bath separates bedroom 2 from bedroom 3. Bedroom 3 is more likely the same as bedroom 2 in size and structure. The right side consists of playing space, dining room, kitchen and lanai area or service area. It is also provided with a small storage space and wash and dry the area included in the kitchen.

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